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Rotowash:  Clever cleaning products for all floors!


Selfpro Floorcare is an authorized distributor of Rotowash machines in the United States.  Our range of floor cleaning machines will help you attain a professional clean.  With Self-Pro Floor Care and ROTOWASH we will have you cleaning like a professional in no time!

Our machines can be used on all flooring types and are ideal for:

  • Animal Care Facilities
  • Assisted Living/Nursing Homes
  • Education Facilities
  • Food Production/Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Catering
  • And more!

When you contact us, we will help you determine which ROTOWASH product will best meet you floor-care needs.

Flex Models:  Feature a stick handle that enhances flexibility when working in tight areas.

Classic Models:  Feature a loop handle, non-electrical water dosage and distribution of the cleaning solution between the brushes.

Plus Models:  Feature an integrated electrical spraying unit with accurate water distribution on demand and precise spray jet ahead of the front brush.

Escalator Model:  The escalator model achieves a high quality deep clean on escalator treads and all other flooring types.  In one pass the escalator model washes, scrubs, collects soil and retrieves the water.  It then dries quickly.  In a matter of seconds, it can be switched to standard floor cleaning mode.

To find out more about each Rotowash model, download our product guide!



Self Pro Floorcare is an authorized Rotowash United States (USA) distributor.