Rotowash Cleaning Instructions

To keep your Rotowash running at its optimum capacity it is necessary to keep your machine and brushes clean and maintained. It is recommended that you thoroughly clean your Rotowash after each use.

Rotowash Cleaning Directions

  • Make sure Rotowash machine is switched “OFF” and unplugged from its power supply.
  • Holding the waste water tray from the rear, lift slightly, pull back and empty—do not touch the stripper blade.

  • Turn back brush towards you to rotate drum—wipe drum.
  • Remove back brush by pushing axle on one side and pulling out the other.

  • Remove Brush and wipe inside the machine, paying special attention to the rod and rod housing, removing any hair or carpet fibers.

  • Wash brush (see Brush Cleaning  for more detailed information) then place on brush guides.

  • Replace axle from the side with the cable, rotate, and push in until centered.

  • At front of machine, remove clean try or pump, wipe underneath, and set aside.

  • Remove front brush, clean and replace as above.
  • Replace clean tray/pump.
  • For questions regarding cleaning or maintenance, contact Self-Pro Floorcare.


Rotowash Brush Cleaning

Flooring will only be truly clean with clean brushes. Brushes should be rinsed after each use and cleaned weekly to keep them in top cleaning condition.

  • Because of its unique design using centrifugal force, the Rotowash brushes tend to be largely self-cleaning under most circumstances.
  • After use the brushes need to be removed to clean and sanitize the machine surfaces (see Machine Cleaning). The brushes should be rinsed and agitated until the rinse water runs clear.
  • Brushes should then be stood on end to air dry or put back into positon on the machine with the machine left standing on the transport wheels.
  • The brushes are made from polypropylene and can be left to soak in any suitable solution in order to sterilize the brush surface.
  • Before cleaning any surface, make sure that either the brushes or the flooring is moistened prior to starting the machine. This is important to prevent the gears from stripping at start up.
  • The standard brush can be put through a steam autoclave cycle. The autoclave should be set to the lowest possible temperature for sterilization. Other autoclave systems may be used but care needs to be taken to avoid damage to the brushes. For restaurant/food service settings a commercial dishwasher can be used to clean the brushes.
  • For questions regarding brush maintenance contact Self-Pro Floorcare.


Brush Life Guide

The following guide is based on original Rotowash brushes only and assumes correct and proper maintenance of the brushes throughout their usable life-span:

  • Proper cleaning after use.
  • Regular rotation of front/back brushes to maintain even wear. If you notice the brush fibers are flattened in one direction, flip the brush 180° over end to extend the brush life and increase cleaning results.
  • Regular soaking overnight in upright position in buckets of warm water with mild detergent to straighten/soften bristles.
  • To check brush wear, each brush is equipped with a colored set of indicator bristles. When the black bristles match the length of the colored bristles it is time to replace your brushes. Proper replacement of brushes is necessary to prevent damage to the machine or flooring.
  • To prevent flooring damage, always use the proper brushes for the flooring type. (Brush Range Guide)
  • To order additional brushes, contact Self-Pro Floorcare.


Recommended Cleaning Products

For most cleaning jobs, warm water is all that is necessary to clean the floor with a Rotowash. If necessary a low foaming pH neutral (pH 7) chemical can be used. Some surfaces will need cleaning solution pre-sprayed to the area. Using a pump sprayer, apply your cleaning agent prior to washing with the Rotowash which allows the chemical to break down the dirt and grime. Always follow the chemical manufacturer’s instructions.

Stains such as coffee or tea can be cleaned using warm/hot water poured onto the stain area. Leave the water to soak into the stain and then clean with the Rotowash in the usual manner. Always try water first before using a chemical. There are times when the use of chemicals is necessary, especially for oil or grease. Always check MSDS sheets if they apply.

The simple rule for using a chemical is “Only a Capful—Never a Cup Full”. This is a good guide to use as it gives a clear indication of how little chemical is necessary.

  • Spot treatment using a proprietary spot cleaner is sometimes necessary. Treat the stain, leave for a few minutes to give contact time, then go over with the Rotowash to rinse out the chemical and the stain.
  • If you are using the Rotowash for encapsulation cleaning you can add your cleaning solution to the Rotowash tank. The Rotowash brushes will agitate the solution into the flooring. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For odor control add enzyme or odor neutralizer to your Rotowash tank. Pre-treating with a pump sprayer is also recommended. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If you are using carpet/extraction shampoo it is recommended that you restrict using it on carpets as it is very sticky and attracts dirt. It may have a nice smell, but it does not help the situation. If a nice smell is required, a deodorizer can be applied after cleaning which does not make the floor sticky.

Chemicals can help us get fantastic results so always have some available

Always use low faming products with a suitable pH rating (pH 7)

Remember to give chemicals contact time—they work much better!

Eliminate chemicals if you can—it’s Eco Friendly!



A brush does not rotate

  • Switch power off and unplug machine from power source. Remove the brushes and make sure that noting is caught (ie; cleaning cloth, trash, etc).
  • Re-fit brushes and attempt to rotate brushes by hand. If unable to turn or only one brush turns, contact Self-Pro Floorcare for assistance.

The machine makes a loud noise when in operation

  • Stop the machine immediately and contact Self-Pro Floorcare.

The machine leaves traces of debris on the ground

  • Check brush wear, if black bristles have met the length of the colored indicator bristles, it is time to replace your brushes. Brushes should never be less than 12mm to prevent damage to the machine or flooring.
  • Replace the recovery blade.
  • Check for wear on the blue recovery drum (deep scratches) to ensure the recovery blade makes correct contact.

The machine does not start

  • Check that the power cable has not pulled from the wall socket.
  • Make sure the wall socket is in good working condition (plug another device into the socket to test)
  • Make sure the machine protection switch is not tripped. To reset, press the reset button with a pen on based mounted models or reset rocker switch on handle mounted units. Always wait 60 seconds after resetting the switch. Unsure, contact Self-Pro Floorcare.
  • Unplug machine from wall socket, inspect power cable. If damaged, contact Self-Pro Floorcare before operating the machine again.

The machine trips frequently

  • Check the brush contact pressure setting, decrease pressure setting.
  • Check the wear on your brushes, if they are less than 12mm you must change your brushes.
  • Reduce brush contact pressure setting after replacing brushes.
  • Check that your brushes are correct for your flooring type (Brush Range Guide)

The water does not flow

  • Make sure the tank valve is open
  • Remove the water tank, clean and make sure the water spreader bar outlets are not blocked
    (Gravity feed only)

The water does not come out through the nozzle

  • Unscrew the nozzle and spray, if water is flowing, clean or replace the nozzle. (Electric spray
    models only)
  • Check the flow direction of the filter assembly.
  • Disconnect the socket, make sure the water flows.
  • Check pump is operating, if not contact Self-Pro Floorcare.


Warranty Guide

Each Rotowash is pretested by Self-Pro Floorcare to ensure it is in proper working condition prior to delivery. We warrant to the purchaser that the equipment is free from manufacturer defect in both material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Self-Pro Floorcare records all warranty registration and information in our database with each purchase.

In the event of such a claim the goods must be returned intact to Self-Pro Floorcare. Customer is responsible for one-way shipping, Self-Pro Floorcare will be responsible for return shipping charges. The defective part or parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the discretion of Self-Pro Floorcare, whose opinion will be final.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect, further the warranty will be deemed void if the machine identification and rating plate has been removed or the machine has been modified by an unauthorized third party in any way.

This warranty shows our faith in the high quality of parts used in construction at our factory and the quality control of our workmanship.

If service is required, please contact Self-Pro Floorcare.