The Self-Pro Story

Do you see dirty floors wherever you go? It’s one of the hazards of being in the floor cleaning profession and I understand that well! Having been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 20 years, everywhere I look I see dirty floors! After seeing yet another dirty floor on a trip to the coast with my family the idea of Self-Pro Floorcare started to form in my mind. Having a professional come in and clean is not always an option, the costs add up and there is also the down time in waiting for the floors to dry. I thought, how can I pass on my professional knowledge and help people clean their floors like I would? I had already been using the Rotowash in my business at Renew Carpet Cleaning and knew that it was easy to use and if I could get it out to businesses, it would easily pay for its self in cost savings alone. Not only is the Rotowash a great option for small business owners looking to save money, it’s also a great option for commercial carpet cleaners. It offers a low start-up cost and is just as effective as other methods of cleaning available on the market. Some of my clients prefer my work with the Rotowash over competitors.

Self-Pro Floorcare Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis – Self-Pro Floorcare

“Just got a call from a real estate office we had extracted with the truck mounts in the past. We cleaned up last night with the Rotowash, she says the carpet looks like new hasn’t looked that good in years!” – Doug, Colorado 10/25/2017

Often times I’m asked why I use the Rotowash versus similar machines on the market. I know there are other options that look similar and even cost less than a Rotowash. The difference is in the DESIGN. The specially designed brushes rotate at 650 RPM and exert up to ten times the pressure of conventional rotary scrubbing machines. This allows the bristles to reach deep down into the irregularities of floors such as grouted tiles, studded rubber, entrance matting and escalator steps. It’s equally effective for scrubbing and buffing flat surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo and wood, and in the case of carpets, not only is the dirt extracted, the pile is also lifted, leaving the carpet clean and well groomed.

The Rotowash is EFFECTIVE. It produces a high quality wash and scrub on all hard surface flooring and carpet, leaving it dry within minutes. You don’t need a different machine as you move floor-types, it easily goes from one flooring type to another always producing the same high-quality results. The Rotowash is also manufactured in a variety of sizes so it can be used in the smallest kitchen to the largest shopping mall and everything in between. It’s compact design allows it to operate where many other machines can’t reach: under shelving, behind cupboards and in tight corners.

The Rotowash is ECO-FRIENDLY. Rotowash machines use up to 90% less water and cleaning chemicals than conventional cleaning methods. Large areas can be cleaned between filling and emptying which means consistently faster cleaning. Minimal water consumption also means smaller overall machine size and less weight. It’s really as easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner!

The Rotowash is DURABLE. Rotowash has been known world-wide for over 40 years as an industry leader in quality manufacturing and durability. It’s a quality made machine that’s made to last. The twin brushes are housed within a strong compact aluminum unit, not plastic like other machines available. It’s why I won’t use anything else!